Editorial Guidelines

At GoogleIndia we allow our writers to write variety of articles based on their mood or area of interest; such as

  • Viral News content
  • Listicle articles
  • Research based articles
  • ‘How to Guide’ articles

Go through our editorial guidelines, The more closely you adhere to it, the better:

  • Voice, tone, and style: an article should have a clear voice tone, easy to read and simple writing style.
  • Word count and formatting requirements: An article must have at least 400 words (and can go up to 2000 words or more depending on the type of article) with proper headlines, bullet points, numeric lists, and bold keywords.
  • Topics your blog covers and examples of popular posts: An article should be based on the topics we cover on Google India. Read our latest articles in order to better understand.
  • Quality expectations: An article should be well-researched, qualitative and not published before anywhere else.
  • Images and media expectations: Use only high-quality, Copyrighted and Free for license images. For example Pexels.com, Pixabay.com, and Google free for commercial use. For videos – import only original and unique videos which are free to use.
  • Links Type: You can link to informative blog pages or news articles from high authority sites. Don’t use unnecessary links until it is not required. The article does not have any promotional links. Remember, the freelance contributor section is not the part of guest post/sponsored post;  Avoid promotional links in order to accept your article. Editors have the right to remove/replace any link which they find not relevant or less relevant. Link type is always ‘no-follow’.
  • How to Submit: We use WordPress CMS(Content Management System) easy to publish tool – a non-technical person (with zero experience of html/css) can easily publish the article. To know more ‘how to publish articles on wordpress’ watch the tutorials on Youtube. After submitting the article, send it for review to the editors; editors will check the article and publish/reject it depending on the quality of content or ask for edit if required.